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Darker shadow abusing admin

05 May 2019 07:58
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Darker shadow abusing admin #4
Player being reported:Darker Shadow
Server / Place:Towny
Incident date and time:5/4/19 about 10 a.m.-11a.m.
Reason / Describe what happened:First, they spawned a lot of bats and trapped them in an enclosed area, after that they spawned a bunch of slime, then proceeded to spawn in massive slime (Which we where underground so they where stuck), and then spawned a large amount of creepers, and set them off, landing me into a lake of lava, resulting in everything disappearing.

Proof (Images, videos, etc):
The second one is of a slime
Other comments:
He did give me back the spawners i found and the tools i lost, but still infuriated me.
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06 May 2019 10:09
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Darker shadow abusing admin #5
The topic has been locked.
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